In the case of prefabrication, the preparatory work takes place in our own workshop. What are the benefits? It saves time, costs, and guarantees continuity. Modular construction (or SKIDS) has become increasingly popular in the industrial piping sector, in recent years.

MB Industrial Piping has its own workshop with experienced, qualified and certified welders. They strictly follow the ASME codes and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) guidelines for all pressure equipment.

We prepare your piping installation as much as possible before the actual on-site installation. Thanks to prefabricated piping, the project runs faster and you pay less working hours. A win-win situation for both parties. In the meantime, your production line will continue to run as usual. Continuity assured.

Prefabrication: materials and work

When assembling your piping system, we mainly use steel and stainless-steel. More materials? Carbon steel, (super) duplex, titanium and cunifer. This usually involves the installation of pumps, heat exchangers, switch boxes and walkways. The insulating and painting of pipes also takes place in our workshop.

Your prefabricated pipelines are custom assembled before they arrive at your company site. Pre-assembled installations are also called SKIDS and are especially popular in the petrochemical industry to separate and purify gases.

We also manufacture pipes according to supplied drawings, models and your own measurements in each material. (St.37, St.52, stainless-steel 304, stainless-steel 316, stainless-steel 316, etc.)

Certificates and qualifications

  • Test certificates: NDT examinations, hydro tests, etc.
  • Welding qualifications: LMK, WPQR and others, if required
  • In accordance with piping standards EN-13480, ASME, PED and ATEX

Our assets?

Would you like pre-assembled piping systems installed in your company? Are you looking for total solutions within your budget and planning?
At MB Industrial Piping you get steel-hard guarantees.

  • Own workshop for customisation
  • Fast and efficient execution
  • Approved and certified installations
  • Quality and safety
  • Durable constructions

Enjoy our complete service. From planning to implementation, from advice to maintenance.