Handrails and balustrades

(Stair) handrails and balustrades are primarily functional: they provide support and guarantee our safety. But the eye also wants something. That is why we install stylish models in steel and stainless-steel. Perfect to combine with wood.

Outdoors they are usually balustrades on a terrace or window, indoors they are bannisters. If your staircase is in good condition, it is sufficient to install or replace a handrail. Sometimes it pays to sandblast your stairs and apply a coat of varnish. This way they will look like new.

Steel or stainless-steel?

Why handrails and balustrades in steel and stainless-steel? Primarily, because both materials are strong and durable. In addition, they can easily be combined with many types of wood (oak or beech, for example), natural stone (marble, bluestone, etc.) or glass.
Which will you opt for? Each material has its specific advantages. Steel is cheaper and available in all RAL colours, while stainless-steel is easy to maintain and offers more options (accessories) in terms of finishing touches.

  1. Steel
    1. In every RAL colour
    2. Lower installation costs
    3. Many finishing options
  2. RVS
    1. Polished K320 + high gloss polish
    2. Highly resistant to corrosion
    3. Maintenance friendly

There are three finishing options for stainless-steel handrails: brushed, bead-blasted or matt. More possibilities? Choose wrought iron handrails, metal handrails or steel balustrades.

Bespoke balustrades and handrails

Would you like to provide your stairs or terrace with the necessary support? Then, of course, you will also choose with your eyes. Feel free to ask for our advice for an aesthetically pleasing end-result. This will help you find out which shape and material is the best choice for your interior. You will receive a proposal tailored to your space, style and budget. The customisation takes place in our workshop so that the assembly itself runs smoothly, quickly and safely.
For balustrades, a design in combination with glass or wood is often chosen. Below are some examples.

Our step-by-step plan

We use a fixed step-by-step plan when installing a banister or balustrade.

  1. Technical plan: First you tell us everything about your dream handrail or balustrade, then our designers draw up a technical plan.
  2. Prefabrication: In our workshop, our experienced welders work with the materials you have chosen.
  3. Assembly: Our certified technicians are on site to assemble the handrail or balustrade.

Your guarantee?

  • A ready-made solution for all situations: handrails / balustrades for stairs or landings indoors, and balconies and terraces outdoors.
  • Designs in all possible dimensions, professionally assembled in our workshop.
  • Infinite possibilities thanks to our craftsmanship. We tailor-make your handrails and balustrades.